Day of Session:

  • Exfoliate, clear away any dry, dead skin cells. Do not use any product that has oil in it. Can use a washcloth or luffa and go in circular motion on skin. If do not have to time to exfoliate we sell exfoliate towlettes
  • Avoid using bar soap or shower moisturizers.
  • Avoid applying anything to skin that may act as a barrier. Do not apply make-up, deodorant, lotions, creams, perfumes prior to session. Skin has to be clean and free of any product
  • Hair removal, waxing should be done 12 hours prior to your session. Shaving should be done 6 hours prior to your session
  • Arrive prepared! Wear LOOSE fitting dark clothing and have all jewelry removed. No jean material at all! Tight clothing afterwards will rub and smear your Airbrush Tan off
  • If you are sunburned or your skin is peeling you should not get an Airbrush Tan. Your Airbrush will peel off with your skin

After Session Care:

  • Refrain from wearing tight clothing, showering, sweating, any contact with water for 6 hours
  • Warm water rinse only on first shower. You can shampoo your hair and important areas on your body. No soap on body, warm water rinse. The cosmetic bronzer will rinse away during first shower. Always pat dry, do not rub
  • After first shower you can use a shower gel/body wash. Refrain from using bar soaps, scrubs, luffa, wash clothes. Always wash with your hands. 
  • After EVERY shower apply a lot of lotion! Do not use any type of aveeno products, any types of oil or scented lotion. We do carry the top of the line lotions to keep your Airbrush lasting longer. LOTION IS THE KEY TO MAKING YOUR AIRBRUSH LAST LONGER!!
  • If you want to apply a bronzer to keep your Airbrush lasting longer please ask one of our staff members on purchasing a bronzer from us and what day to apply it. Never want to apply a bronzer right after your Airbrush Tan. Store bought bronzers will turn orange with your Airbrush Tan

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